Your milestones deserve to be admired. Anniversary, dogs, birthdays, graduation, business, prom? Just because? The story never ends really, & that's the beauty of it.


mini session's - $325
Lifestyle Session - $475
You will receive an online gallery, print release, & those sweet memories

Why a mini session vs. a full session?

Mini Sessions generally last 20-30 minutes at a specific location. The final product is usually a handful of images vs. a full gallery that consists of 50+ images. Mini sessions are sometimes themed, like for holidays or specific seasons. A regular lifestyle session lasts 50-70 minutes, with locations and dates chosen by the client if they choose. They also have the option for outfit changes. The final product is a gallery of a larger number of images rather than a handpicked punch.

Reasons to book a mini session

  1. Save Time - these are short and sweet.
  2. Perfect for kiddos - these are perfect for families with children, and to get photos before their attention span is up.
  3. Low Commitment - both time and financial commitments are lower for mini sessions.
  4. Just a few updated shots

Reasons to book a full session

  1. Generational - this is perfect for extended families, who doesn't love candids with grandma and grandpa, or your cousins!
  2. More Options - Not only do you get more time, but this also means more options to get a larger variety of images, especially if we bounce to 2 locations.
  3. If you want more control of the session - if you want to have more of a say of the specific theme, or specific poses this allows the time for that.

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