New website and online shop for my artwork!

September 2023 Update -

This transition has been slow to say the least. It's hard when you print 500 business cards with a certain website link and then decide to make a new site solely for just your artwork, but like all those cards are still out in the wild. So here I am in phase one. I have been wanting to pull away from Etsy for awhile and have my own online shop on my website. However as I have expanded in both Photography and Art I have needed to separate the two. Until I feel comfortable that the 500 pre distributed business cards have done their work, I will keep this page available as this is the one listed on all my cards, then this particular page will transition to just my photography. My Etsy will remain active until likely after the 2023 holidays, but I have officially gone live with my new site and online shop for my artwork. I am so excited to share this with you all!!


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