You ended up here for a reason

Welcome friend, I am Jordan Larson

I'm a central Minnesota native, living in a hillside city. I’m a mom of boys + a furry pup. I’m a sometimes watercolor artist, and a professional at making your feel good moments freeze in time. If someone were to ask me in high school if I were to see myself in the future as a photographer, I would have laughed. I dropped my high school photography class on the 3rd day because it bored me (weird, I know!). Now days I can't get enough of snapping photos of life around me.

More about me...

I worked in inpatient mental health here at a local hospital for the last 6 years, and truly if it wasn’t for the birth of my sweet babes I probably never would have pulled the plug to do photography full time. My unpaid maternity leave made it easy. So here I am, happier + full of time to make all my creative ideas come alive! When I'm not enjoying life through my lens, I'm fueling my happiness by creating art, low-key giving myself anxiety by listening to true crime podcasts, enjoying Lake Superior sunrises, chasing my boys + lacing up all our hiking boots for an adventure. Now, I want to know about you. Connect with me, and we can cozy up somewhere local for coffee (or beer, you choose) and chat about how you want to cherish your moments forever.


Where are you located?

Duluth, MN along the shores of Lady Superior!

Do you you do elopements & destinations too?

OF FREAKING COURSE! I am always up for an intimate elopement (hello the introvert in me!) but I am also always up for a destination, because hello the extrovert in me! I can be both, right?

What's your back up process?

I use a duel slot camera - which means all pictures on day of wedding are backed up on 2 SD cards through out the day. I then back up to TWO external hard drives immediately upon finishing your big day, and then lastly add them to a cloud service until gallery has been delivered.

Do you you travel for other sessions?

YES!! However I do require travel fees if 50+ miles outside of Duluth. Inquire for more info!

Do you accept payment plans?

At this time I do not for smaller Lifestyle sessions. However for wedding, newborn, and senior packages I do! I also offer multiple options for these. All packages require a non-refundable retainer. This ensures your date is secured. You then have 3 remaining balance options consisting of
- Pay In full via Venmo, PayPal, or cashiers check.
- Payment Plan - I break it up in 2 equal payments from date of retainer to 60 days prior to date of wedding.
- Cash - If paid in full via cash you will receive a 15% discount on package.

I am always willing to work something out with all my clients so you can hold on to those sweet memories

What kind of gear do you use?


I am a Canon girl. I never had a preference between Canon or Nikon, but when I was doing my research I found Canon had the better reviews at the time and so I bought my first camera, and I just got used to Canon as I was learning and stuck with it since. My first camera was a Canon EOS Rebel. Thankfully I have moved on from the that, and now I use the Canon DSLR 5D Mark IV as my main body, and use a Canon 90D as my back-up and second body. My go to lenses and mains on most wedding days and lifestyle shoots are a Canon EF 50mm F/1.2L and a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, along with a variety of other lens.

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