Editorial & Fine Art Photography

Hi! Hello! Heyyyy, I am jordan. Your real life story teller.

Originally from central Minnesota, I now call the North Shore of Minnesota my home. As a mom of boys and a furry pup, I navigate the joys of parenthood while indulging in my passion for watercolor artistry and freezing feel-good moments in time through photography.

I'm eager to learn about you. Let's connect over coffee (cocktails, mocktails, whatever you choose) and discuss how we can immortalize your cherished moments together.

More about me...

Ironically, if you'd asked me during high school if I saw myself as a photographer in the future, I would've chuckled. In fact, I even dropped my high school photography class after just three days, finding it oddly uninspiring. However, nowadays, I can't seem to get enough of capturing life's moments around me through my lens.

After dedicating six years to inpatient mental health at our local hospital, the arrival of my sweet babes prompted a significant shift. It was during my unpaid maternity leave that I realized my passion for photography could become my full-time pursuit. Now, with more time to nurture my creative endeavors, I'm embracing this new chapter with open arms.

When I'm not behind the lens, you'll find me immersed in art, giving my self anxiety with true crime podcasts, savoring Lake Superior sunrises, and embarking on adventures with my boys, all while lacing up our hiking boots.

But enough about me – Reach out, and let's chat about how I can help bring your vision to life!